My favourite app

I have never thought that I would have to pick an application that I love the most. It is similar to picking your favourite dish, when there are a lot of those, and you hesitate till the last Imagemoment, which one you prefer the most.

I see multiple comments about the applications that make our lives fun, that help us follow our community and etc. However, when I really thought what is out there so important in my every day life- I found the answer really quickly.

Dropbox was founded in 2007 by an MIT graduate Drew Houston and since then it made you forget about such thing as a USB flash or CDs to burn your pictures, music or documents… Sending multiple files in several emails because they are too heavy and you cannot fit them into one email. You know what I am talking about! It created a webspace, which you can increase by engaging more with the product, such as inviting friends and downloading the mobile app, or by paying for upgrade. 

Dropbox can be found useful if you are a simple user of your computer as well as a heavy one. You can share your photos and files with your mobile device, or a tablet, and you don;t have to worry about forgetting the files at home when you need them some place else. 

In case you own a business, or have a group project, you can easily store whole lots of files in a folder, that you can give access to the people that you want, or the whole company. It is that easy! 

What I respect about the application now, is that it works on cross platforms. Meaning, whatever device you have- if you are a Mac fan, or a PC, or whatever it is out there- you will find dropbox easy to find and install. 

I am grateful to the technology and people who created this opportunity and i hope that it is going to improve and become even more convenient.


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