‘Steve Jobs- The Genius’

‘Steve Jobs- The Genius’

I have recently discovered an article, which is a little piece of the book that Walter Isaacson wrote on Steve Jobs.

Isaacson describes Jobs as a genius, not just a very smart person, and I do agree with this statement.

Let’s take a look at the people of our times and be truthful with ourselves: Do you know anyone that is smart? Of course you do. You are definitely smart yourself! But if you dig deeper and look at people who are “above” and “beyond” what we call the word smart.

If you start looking for these people, it might take the whole life to find one. Steve Jobs was around us, and he was the one.

I remember how I got introduced to Steve Jobs: In 2004 when first iPods (probably imported illegally) arrived to Moscow, my family presented it for me on my birthday. Among others on the market (grey, with ugly buttons, little screens, no menus, etc.. you name it), the iPod was right there, light-blue coloured, looking right at me, a girl who wanted to stand out from the crowd. And it did help. This is a story of only one person. Count how many people have similar stories and how they remember getting obsessed with the products or services of Apple Inc.

He was able to look at us all as one and as an individual. He was able to read our minds and his intuition helped him in the way. He truly created the new needs for us, which is still and going to be vital for a long time (if not ruined).

I am honoured to live at the time of this genius. I bet many people could say that at the times of Einstein.


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