I know how I fascinate, what about you?

How To Fascinate and Sally Hogshead in particular showed me what fascinates me and how I fascinate. It is a simple test which takes about 3 minutes, with short questions about what you think you are, comparing to a person described.

ImageIn the results, I have learned, that I am motivating, vigorous, compelling, which can help me in business if I learn how to use them correctly. These so-called triggers are: power, passion and trust.

The test also provides pretty interesting results, which describe how to use my triggers to be more successful in business. I was identified as a natural leader. According to the test I am confident, goal-oriented, influential, opinionated and decisive.

My second trigger is passion. I have always seen myself as a passionate character, even before I took the test. I tend to easily get interested in new projects, new friends, new lifestyle, sometimes forgetting the older ones. In results I saw, that I need to look at my older friends and projects, in order to keep connection with them. And I truly agree with it. Because of my trigger – “passion”- I am expressive, intuitive, social and enthusiastic.

I also believe that one character of mine was described pretty successfully. The way I observe the situation. I look around a lot, at people’s habits and at what they are currently doing (watching, talking, looking at, etc). It totally helps me in business, but…. it is important not to miss the specific detail in the big picture that i see.

I am not a “trust” personality. Meaning, I tend to do things unpredictably and surprisingly, which results in people feeling I am not trustworthy. It is serious feature of the character, which I am hoping I will be able to change.

After all, I am sure that such tests only describe your personality partially. Hopefully I will be able to work with the descriptions that I saw after taking the test and figure out what strategy I should pursue in order to make the best out of my character.


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