It is time to look at the legal side of advertising, folks.

I am sure you have noticed the ads of some drugs on TV, or Print, or elsewhere. If you haven’t, after reading my post I bet you will. This is called the Disclosures in Advertising. Without it, no advertisement can be accepted on the internet, print or TV.

You will think, why did she choose this topic to write her today’s post about?! it is boring legal stuff and you just have to put it underneath the ad in the print or TV and that’s it! What’s there to post about?! However, my friends, there is more to that!

There a certain criteria that you have to bear in mind in order to post the disclosures in a correct way, the right way, so that you actually deliver the message to your customers.

One of the main points of creating disclosures is their presentation. Are you presenting it in a way that you customers will understand..? Or you are just trying to “sweep under the rug” in order to get over it and not really thinking about the customer and his relationship with your company? I have never really paid attention to the disclosures, but I always notice them. And to be honest with you.. recently I realised that when I do not see a proper disclosure, or I cannot read the one that is in the ad, i feel insecure about the company. Have you ever had that? I get a feeling, that the company is trying to hide stuff for me… Especially if it is medications, or such drinks as Red Bull, or Alcoholic drinks. So now for sure, try to notice the disclosures and identify for yourself, which of the companies is really trying to be honest with you and showing you the legal stuff. 

The next 2 criteria is placement and proximity. Have you placed in the right way, so the audience of the advertisement is not distracted by anything else and can actually read your disclosure? Along with placement comes proximity, which means that the information in the advertisement is in close relation to the actual product description that you are trying to promote. Does it have the same consistent message?

In my opinion, for some companies it is more important to take care of the legal side of the advertisements, but generally, all companies must realise that customers are conscious of the products they buy. They want to be aware of it and they want to be taken care of. So if you, as a company do not take care of your customers, do you think competitors will not as well? I believe disclosures are a part of the message, a part of the strategy.

Take a quick look at the Honest Tea website and how they implicate that:


Their main message to the consumers is that the products contain only organic ingredients. They recycle the bottles after usage. They are being honest with the planet, therefore, in order to be honest with the customers, they put these circles after the product description, basically stating that they do not use Genetically Modified Foods.

As a follower of the message of this company, I was glad to see that they are consistent in the disclosures as well.

So, folks, if you feel like you know the company that is sweeping it under the carpet… lets talk about this! How would do it differently?

Thank you.


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