How does Honest Tea deal with user friendly part of their website?

As you already know, I follow a set of companies and Honest Tea is one of them. So today, I would like to look at their website. Is it user friendly? Is it useful? Is it boring? Lets explore together, I promise our trip will not be boring!

Here is the home page of the Honest Tea:


In my opinion, they have used the technique of creating a friendly website for their users. How? Well, there is not a lot of text, there is not a lot of boring stuff… in fact, there isn’t at all!

One more important thing: they are not afraid of the white space. They are not trying to fill every little spot with a colourful picture or anything else.

However… when you go to the page of Seth Goldman’s Blog… it looks pretty boring:



In my opinion they need to work on the blog a little bit more from the user prospective. You cannot even take anything from the blog… just read it.. no share.. so I would say it is the most boring page… but the content is good, so the creators could have made much more of it!

I also have found sort of a flaw.. on the page which is called Mission:

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 16.06.18


The site is unavailable… I think it is unforgiving if the page of the mission of the company is unavailable. For 3 days. How are the customers going to find out the brand promise and the mission of the Honest Tea? It could be more interactive and more attractive.

In a way, the website is not that bad.. the home page is well built, but the other pages still have room for growth.

Lets come back in a week and see, maybe the mission page will be working again?


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