Websites should look like they are build by humans, not for humans

The world we are living in… brings us up to such a shortage of time and desire to look any further. We are overwhelmed by the amount of the information we see and hear, because it is being pushed to us, even if we try to close up from it. 

One of the best way to attract the eyesight, to make someone look at your product or service.. has always been the website. However, now it is much more important to build the website that is convenient for a user. Do you want to stay on the website that does not respond to your needs for extra than 30-50 seconds? I don’t…I hate that… and go away immediately. Plus, I usually memorize this website under the bookmark “don’t come back – waste of time”. 

So how do we fight that? How do we make a user friendly website that does its job (provides users with information they are looking for)? I am going to provide a couple of examples of the websites which are good and bad… and then you will be able to make a decision really easily. 

So, when I was working on my thesis in Russia, every day I had to visit the website of the Bank Of Russia, in order to get the news and updates on the topic I was writing on. Here is what i was dealing with: 


Do you think you can find anything here? Well, all you can see is that there is tons of information, but it doesn’t seem like you can deal with it. In this case you have to stay on this website, because it is the only way you can get the updates you need (exclusive corporate data). What about when you don’t have that luxury? 

Well…. then you’ve gotta work as if you are a human… Wait…. it doesn’t make sense! You are a human!! So what on earth am I talking about? ..The thing is, with all the machines and programs, applications and technologies, we forgot who are we building this all for. The answer is – for humans. So, the only possible answer that comes to my head.. is build it in a way, that humans will understand, like, and find it useful! Do not take all the technology in the world to build your website, if you cannot have one user experience designer to explore it and make it better.

Lets take a look at the following example. Before I came to New York, I had to find a temporary apartment. It was one of the hardest things to do in my life, by the way! The main website which everyone was referring me to was Craigslist. For some of you who do not know what it looks like: 


Personally, I was very surprised that in a city like New York, which screams ‘Fashion’, ‘Design’, ‘Unique’… I saw this piece as a main source of the apartment search. 

Now, lets look at another website which helps you find a place in New York: Airbnb 


Which of the two websites do you want to stay on forever, in order to find “the one and only” little place that you want to stay at, while you are in this fabulous city? Well, I preferred Airbnb to Craigslist.

It takes more time, more effort to build a user-friendly website. It seems almost impossible to satisfy the customers’ needs, you will say, because they keep changing. However, the one and only need stays the same: treat users of your websites as humans, not as machines… Then and only then they will have a desire to wonder around your website and even make a purchase. 

Good luck! Will keep these posts coming! 


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