Think Your Website Is A King Of User Experience..? Read This!

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The website of Yogi Tea has caught my attention this week. You would ask why? Well, you already know that I am exploring the user-experience basics from my previous posts, so now I am going a little further and building a judgement on the UX of this website. 

Yogi Tea has the best designed website among its competitors. Looking across the tea industry, I realised that in terms of the website design, Yogi is so ahead of the others, so I got surprised why I didn’t  look at it before! Here is what I mean by that.

When you look at the home page “above the fold”, you are forced to dive into the world of Yogi. It is clearly about tea:

  • there is a picture of a tea-cup
  • the logo and the tagline is about tea
  • if you want to explore all the tea flavours and effects it is all here!

When you get to the point when you want to know everything about your favourite flavour:

  • you can explore any kind of flavour right here on the left side of the home page
  • you can watch the videos on the inspiration from a Yogi guru

This is just on a home page! This is one the most useful websites I have seen! How much easier could it be..? It does not give you a headache if you are going to find something in particular… and does not let you go when you found it!

It is very calming… very engaging in the atmosphere of relaxation and health improvement. If you ask me whether I want coffee or not, while I am on that website.. I will answer: No! I want the energy tea! They engaged me in the mood of their website.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 20.19.37

Another point which I liked is that they have a great inspiration page! It is not something that you can just develop in one night. The developers thought about the potential interests of the consumer and are posting this advice from time to time. It looks really refreshing and engaging.

Path-to-purchase criteria is thought through very well! On every page of the website there is a header, which never disappears with the following menu:

  • store locator
  • newsletter sign up
  • contact us
  • shop online
  • search
  • Facebook link
  • YouTube link

Whenever I decide that I am ‘hungry’ enough to buy one of their teas, I can easily do that.

Concerning the appearance of the website across different platforms: computer, tablet, smartphone it is all the same and very well-adjusted!

In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting websites I have ever seen in terms of delivering the culture of the company to the customer. Well done, Yogi!


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