Top 5 NFC features and how to use them!

Never heard of NFC? Not a problem!
NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a whole set of features you can do with your phone using a little chip programmed in the back of your smartphone device.

For example, this video explains everything that you can do with your device in order of importance:
1. Mobile banking. You do not need to use the credit card or cash, just tap your device to the google wallet station at the cashier.
2. Boarding Passes and all sorts of transit tickets, instead of all paper tickets and different applications for each ticket
3. Use the code on the business card, so that it will bring the owner of your business card directly to your website or whatever place you want them to visit.

Now, the main issue is that it is not that commonly used yet. Yes, those who have the latest samsung, can use it all over different places, but what about those who don’t? Well, my projection is that it is coming. iPhone, Android and all sorts of phones that do not have that installed chip, will have it soon.

I believe that it can be much more convenient than just banking. It can open a floor to a whole different level of mobile usage.

We won’t need emails anymore, if we want to exchange information with people around us. We will not need any wifi for phone-to-phone communication. Have you thought of that?

However, NFC has a issue of privacy. Many users are concerned with how exactly the privacy is going to be managed? Is it a code that i need to enter every time I am using my phone with the Google wallet? Me personally, though I am tech savvy, this is beyond technology I think, and I am still not sure if I could use it.. What about you?

I would like to open a floor for discussion about how exactly in your opinion we could use NFC and how it could hurt us.


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