5 Ways To Tell Your Client About Digital Marketing

I personally do not have a huge work experience, but from what I have seen… For any agency to see eye to eye with the client.. it is a tough job. Imagine Digital Marketing Agency. 

The perfect relationship I would pursue in this type of situation- is parenting. A client will always be the child, who the agency needs to satisfy. 

How to satisfy a child? Well, not so fast. There are a lot of phases of upbringing of your client. 

1. Educate a client.

Clients often think that putting a video on Youtube is going to increase sales by 10% directly. It is important to explain it thoroughly to the client, that it is not about sales we are talking about, or not about sales directly. Content marketing and digital marketing in general is supposed to increase awareness and engage customer with the brand. 

2. Bring customer expectations to the real level. 

Customers want a 10% increase in sales by tomorrow? Well, it is important to tell the how impossible it is and they goal should not be about time, but about quality. 

3. You will have to say “no” to your customer at some point. 

Do not get closer to the client so much that you will not be able to say “no” to some of the suggestions they are providing. You are the parent here, and you will have to set the rules. 

You cannot follow the client’s wish to be present in every single form of social media out there, when in reality, you don’t have to be present everywhere with little content. You would rather pick several channels and be fully occupying them alone with good content and good strategy. 

4. The number of Facebook likes should not be the goal itself. 

It is only the goal when the client knows why they need a certain amount of like. If it just for fun… it is just irrelevant to pay for it, without getting any feedback from the customers. 

5. Digital is not the easiest form of marketing, but the most sensitive at this time. 

The company needs to be very careful as what goals to set up when pursuing a digital marketing strategy. How should a customer find a connection with the company? What is it going to cost for a company to make a mistake online? What customers prioritised digital channels are? Customers cannot be everywhere in the digital world. How does the company want to find the place they are willing to find the most customers and stay with them the longest? 

These are the vital questions for the marketer to explain to the client before the work on the campaign started. You want more? I will talk about it next week. 



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