When taking a step back actually helps?

This video talks about the ways to look at the bigger picture.
The way I look at it is:
Whether it is your own simple decision, whether it concerns your business, building a website, an application, creating a campaign or buying a house… it should involve taking a step back to look at the big idea of your project.
Look at how much more clear it is when you take a step back. You actually see the project as it is, and as other people would see it. When you are involved with something for too long, you forget to see certain things as other people would see it.
I remember when I was in a ballet school, every time we were repeating the performance, our teacher would always sit at the back of the theatre, almost at the last row, in order to see how we are performing as a whole. Her theory was (the same as the one in this video), that when you take a step back, you see more mistakes of the performers, rather than you stand close to the stage.

Here is another example: When you create a website, or even your own blog, don’t get tied up with all the features and the pictures and the other technical stuff. Always take a step back and remember, it is a consumer, who builds an impression about your blog/website. Consumer doesn’t know how many flash pictures you have or how cool your SEO strategy is, because it is all behind the overall picture. What does the consumer see when they enter the website/blog? Is it easy? Do they understand how to use it so it becomes easy for them? That is the focus.

Always remind yourself to work on the overall delivery of your work to the consumer, as they are to judge, and they do it really quickly! So take a step back and look- what is the big picture of your project.


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